Sparkly "Self Love" (Atma Prema) votive candle with botanicals
Sparkly "Self Love" (Atma Prema) votive candle with botanicals

Sparkly "Self Love" (Atma Prema) votive candle with botanicals

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Atma prema means "Unconditional love of Self" in Hindi. Sanskrit define it as discipline we should practice. Atma prema or Self Love is much more  than just liking for the way we look or think. Its a pure, unconditional love for our essence, our soul, our divine self.

“The river that flows in you, also flows in me.”

We recognise others in ourselves and ourselves in others. We are all expressions of One Life.

But how can we love others if we do not love our true self first? You can't pour from an empty cup, can't you? In order to be able to give and care of others, we need to fill ourselves first.

Give yourself this beautiful gift of self love and self acceptance and commit to love yourself dearly, just like you deserve to be loved. 

There is lots of small & big self love rituals you can do at home. Yoga, bath full of hot water & foam, journaling, meditation, favourite herbal tea (or glass of Rose :) Turn off blue screens and bright lights & lit your "Self-Love" candle. Leave "to do" list far away from the mat, bathroom or altar.

Lavender essential oil: happiness, healing, peace of mind

Ylang Ylang: sexuality, soothes negative emotions

Lemon essential oil: uplifting, happiness, purification

Cedarwood: love, money, physic powers

Rose petals: luck, confidence, trust, peace

Ingredients: soy wax, cotton wick, lavender, ylang ylang, lemon and cedarwood essential oils, pink rose petals, glitter

Burn time: 15-18hrs

PLEASE BE MINDFUL THAT BOTANICALS MIGHT CATCH A SMALL FIRE. It will extinguish itself quickly as there wont be much to burn, but don't keep those candles close to anything that might catch a fire like curtains, cushions, your own hair