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Large "Love" bath bomb
Large "Love" bath bomb

Large "Love" bath bomb

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Turn your bath time into holistic ritual. Fill your bath with hot water, add our rose & ylang ylang scent scented bath bomb and lit a candle.

Close your eyes, take few deep breaths, meditate and open your heart to feelings of love, compassion, and acceptance. 

+/- 220gr 

✔ Vegan 
✔ No animal testing 

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"I absolutely love this bath bomb! I will definitely purchase again, thank you Adriana for answering my questions, great customer service!" ~ Agnieszka, Leeds


*Perform a patch test before first use, especially if you have sensitive skin.
*Sodium BicarbonateCitric AcidAquaparfumCananga OdorataRosa centifoliaCI 45430LinaloolBenzyl BenzoateBenzyl SalicylateFarnesolAmyl CinnamalEugenolIsoeugenol
*Produced and manufactured in UK