Healthy & tasty Spring Ayurvedic smoothie recipe

Spring Ayurvedic smoothie with turmeric, ginger, mango

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Hi 💛 

As Spring draws closer, we can see nature waking up to life. Longer days, lots of sunshine, blue sky, green buds on the trees, yellow daffodils and multicoloured crocuses are popping their beautiful heads out... Mother Nature is showing us her most beautiful face.

Spring always inspires me. I usually clean my house from the bottom to the top, throw away or donate unused items and clothes and I even change the way I cook.

Autumn and Winter are naturally a time of hibernation, resting and nourishment. During the dark part of the year, I cook a lot of warming soups, use tons of root veggies like carrot and parsnips which are perfect for roasting and I love seasonal veggies like pumpkins and squashes.

Spring and Summer are totally opposite. I crave light foods: salads and smoothies are my favourites. I love researching for new recipes, but also I have a bunch of my all-time favourite recipes for healthy, nourishing quick meals, snacks and smoothies. 

Ayurvedic spring smoothie

Today I’m going to share with you a recipe for my absolute favourite Spring Ayurvedic smoothie. It tastes lovely, it’s super healthy and looks so pretty - pastel yellow perfectly matches all of the happy colours around us! Also - it’s dead easy to make.

 What you need - for 1 smoothie / 1 person

- half of mango

- half of banana 

- half of teaspoon of grounded turmeric 

- tiny bit of ginger

- plant milk (I used soy milk) 250 / 400 ml depending on how thick you like it

TIP: if your mango is not ripped and not very sweet, you might add a teaspoon of honey or maple/agave syrup if you are vegan 

Add all of the ingredients to a blender and pour milk - start with a smaller amount about 250/300 ml and blend together until smooth. If your smoothie will be too thick you can add more milk or water until you are happy with the consistency.

I like sprinkling my smoothies with things like chia seeds, nuts or almond flakes for a little bit extra healthy fats. 

If you are not used to the taste of ginger, start with a tiny piece, as ginger has a very strong taste.

This smoothie is one of my favourite mid-day snacks. Light, fruity and packed with good stuff - it is full of antioxidants, aids digestion, boost immunity and has anti-inflammatory properties. And it tastes really good!

Are you into Ayurvedic cooking? If you have a favourite healthy smoothie or juice - share it in the comments and inspire others to try something new & healthy 💛

lots of love 

Adriana x


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