Spring Equinox - time to find balance in your life

Spring Equinox find balance in your life

As the wheel of the year turns again, we are only one week away from the Spring Equinox (first day of Spring) - a day of perfect balance, when day and night are equal. 

In Celtic traditions, there is a legend of the battle between the Holy King and the Oak King that takes place every equinox.

The Holy King represents waining, the dark part of the year, night and moon. The Holly King is the waxing year, the light part, day and sun. Every Spring and Autumn equinoxes these entities fight for supremacy. 

Autumn equinox is the beginning of the Holly King's reign. From this day and for the next 6 months night will be dominant over day, darkness over light, and the moon over the sun.  This is the natural Yin time for any life including us. During the Autumn and Winter months, we tend to spend more time indoors, nourishing our bodies and minds. 

Spring equinox represents the fall of the Holly King and the rise of the Oak King. From now on we can enjoy longer days, more hours of sunlight, and we are witnessing nature waking up to life again.  His power will be reaching its peak during midsummer (and equally during this time the Holly King is at his weakest) and he will keep his supremacy until the next Autumn Equinox.

In some traditions, it is believed that they are the two sides of the same Earth deity. I absolutely love this interpretation, because it shows that each of us has their own “light and dark” sides. Both of them are very much needed to keep balance. Just like nature can’t bloom all year round, that’s how we, humans should allow ourselves to connect with our “yin” side.

I have written a blog post about setting “Yin & Yang” intentions (<--click to read) and I encourage you to read it now to gain an even bigger perspective of the subject of “yin & yang” and balancing those two sides of the same coin.

So what is Yin & Yang? Yin is night, resting, nourishing, allowing, accepting, being still. Yang means day, action, changes, dynamism, moving forward. 

In our society, the “Yin” side is often seen as a weaker or even lazy. Most people run very Yang lifestyle - from the morning alarm to the moment we fall asleep in the night our mind is attacked with tons of information every second. Even when we find time to sit on the sofa to “rest” we will start scrolling through Facebook or Instagram, doing online shopping, talking to friends etc. It’s not really resting, isn’t it?

Our society pushes us to be more productive, faster, better all the time. If we don’t keep up, we might fall off the wagon and get labeled as “losers”. Unfortunately, this is also a case with mental health issues like anxieties or depression - healthy people will say to stop feeling pity for yourself and simply move on. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy, if we could effortlessly “move on” and cure ourselves then depression wouldn’t be such a problem these days. 

Depression and anxieties have many different causes, but I feel that I have to mention one of them (amongst many, many others). It’s suppressing our “yin” side. 

More and more often people don’t allow themselves to feel sad, upset or disappointed because all they see around (especially on social media) are perfect people with perfect lives. Many influencers will talk about being positive, banishing negativity, not allowing sad thoughts into our minds.

But how this can be? There’s no day without the night, flowers can’t bloom without the rain. how can we keep our mental health in good condition if we suppress any emotions that don’t fit “The positive vibe”?

Nature is a perfectly balanced cycle of life - death and rebirth, day and night, blooming and harvesting. 

Do you know that each yoga pose has its counterpose? After backbends, you will practice some type of folding forward eg. Child pose. 

If you start thinking about your life in this scheme, you will stop seeing being sad or having lows as something bad that needs to be fought. It’s just one stage that needs to be accepted because it happens to all of us! Also, life is full of opposites, we simply can’t always be one the bright, yang side. 

The important part is to know that nothing lasts forever and good days will come back, just like Oak King is coming back each Spring Equinox and brings us the sun, warmth and new life.

So please don’t suppress any emotions that are coming to you. Embrace how you feel and try to make the best of any day.

Few ideas if you feeling low:

  • If you have the chance to stay longer in bed embrace it, then have a healthy, nourishing breakfast and coffee in your favourite mug. 
  • Or perhaps have an early night. Don’t overeat before bedtime but treat yourself to some nice evening meal and a cup of tea.
  • Practice restorative yoga - it’s not time to strive for progress but to be present and honest with yourself and how you feel.
  • Journaling is such a great tool to gain insight into your deeply hidden feelings and emotions. Just start writing and let it all out on the paper. You can free-flow, write a letter to someone (or yourself) or even just list words that are describing your current mood.
  • Cry. Yes, crying purifies our soul. Honestly, I love having a good cry and I am not ashamed of it. Crying release stress, tension and brings the feeling of relief. Studies show that crying stimulates the production of endorphins - the “feel good” hormones. 

How do you feel about this post? Are you allowing tears and sad emotions to run freely within you?

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