Setting intentions: balancing yin & yang

Setting intentions: balancing yin & yang




As we approach the first New Moon of 2019, many of us will use this occasion to set the intentions not just for the next lunar cycle, but for the whole year of 2019. It’s a great way to set a direction for our life and decide where we are going to focus our attention and energy in the new year.

Subtle New Moon energy encourages us to stay in, cosy up and rest. Our body maybe is resting, but it’s a super busy time for our minds. Dreaming, planning, visualizing - we are planting the metaphorical seed that, watered with our attention, love and hard work will bloom when the time is right.

Our intentions are more than just thoughts... The process of setting intentions (or deciding on New Year resolutions) is, in fact, planning ahead, how we see ourselves in 3, 6 or 12 months time and what we would like to achieve during this time.

Intentions carry energy, but did you ever thought what KIND of energy it is? 

Most common resolutions/ intentions are to start doing something, to stop doing something or to change something. These resolutions are very Yang in their nature - yang is masculine energy: vigorous, ready to act and change things.

There’s nothing bad about setting yang intentions - this is how we change the world for better.

But everything in this world needs to be balanced - including ourselves. That’s why today I want to gently encourage you to set some Yin intentions.

Yin is a passive feminine energy. Yin is accepting, allowing, receiving.

How do you set Yin intention? Instead of changing - allow and accept. “I will love my body the way it is”, “I will accept other people’s decisions even if I don’t like them”, “I will let go of anger or frustration”... think what are the things in your life that need to simply be accepted rather than forcefully changed?

Setting both yin & yang intentions will help us to lead a more balanced life. Energetic imbalances are bad for us and it’s simply not wise to always be “high” (yang) or “low” (yin).

I’d love to learn what yin intentions you have set this New Moon?

Ps. If you would like to learn more about yin yoga and balancing yin & yang I can’t recommend enough the book “The complete guide to yin yoga” by Bernie Clark. Bernie is one of the fathers of yin yoga and his books are truly essential readings for anybody looking for a balance in yoga and life.

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