Love & Self Love journal prompts for Valentine's Day

I must admit, I always loved Valentine's day. Even as a single girl. I enjoyed this sudden burst of colors in the middle of a cold, dull winter. After the long and grey month of January, shop windows & displays are brought back to life, dressed in red and pink colors with roses and balloons everywhere... I have always viewed it as a nice contrast to the usual snow white and extra cold streets of my small hometown in the polish mountains.

Now, as an adult woman, I still totally love this day! I use any occasion to celebrate my relationship and simply spend some invaluable time with my fiancé.

We don’t really do big, expensive gifts - I find small, but cute and thoughtful gifts often carry more meaning. 

Honestly what I & my partner truly do for Valentine's is FOOD;) We will either go out to a nice restaurant, cook something a little bit more special at home or cozy up on the sofa with a box of our favorite pizza. There’s no “right” or “wrong” when it comes to planning your Valentine’s date and each year can be totally different.

So what about all those beautiful, independent single ladies out there? I hope that this day doesn’t make you feel like you want to hide in a rabbit hole or worst... find a boyfriend ASAP. 

Enjoy this time of freedom and total independence, because once Mr. Right will cross your path there’s no way back and you (hopefully) will never be single again.

Recently I really got into journal prompts. It's such a great, thought-provoking way of dealing with the past or planning the future. 

I have created free printable sheets with journal prompts for Valentine's. You can download two versions: for couples or single. I strongly recommend reading the “Single” one even if you are in a committed relationship. Being with someone doesn’t stop you from loving yourself. In fact, the relationship we have with ourselves sets the tone for all of the other relationships in our life - and it's definitely worth celebrating. 




Valentine's day holistic gift


Valentine's day holistic gift



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