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I hope this letter finds you well. But if you are not well at all, have a crappy day and generally, things are not going your way - I guess it's OK too.

There is such a social pressure to be perfect and make the most of every day, that we forget that every Yang needs it's Yin and it's impossible to be on top of everything all day, every day. Some days are better than others, sometimes we don't feel as bright & pretty as on other days. Accepting those lows in our lives is one of the most valuable lessons we can take. 

Today I wanted to write a few words about self-care & self-love. I truly believe they should be part of the school curriculum. What self-love actually is? I'll start by telling you what is not...

* It is not overspending money on clothes and cosmetics to feel better about yourself
* Congratulating yourself because another crazy low-calorie diet worked and you managed to lose few kilograms 
* Negative self-talk in order to "motivate" yourself 
* Appreciating yourself only when things are going your way

Self-love is accepting yourself as you are. Mentally and physically. The bright, pretty parts of ourselves, but also dark, shadow parts, which we often hide and disown. One of the best ways to achieve it is to do something called "shadow work". It is a long, often painful and almost scary process, which most likely will lead us into dark and forgotten parts of our souls. I won't be able to guide you in this process as I'm still working on my own shadow parts, but hopefully, this email will be an inspiration for you to do research & start looking a bit deeper into your dark corners. 

So how can we express self-love & self-care on a daily basis?
* No negative self-talk!
* Don't compare yourself to others
* Meditate & don't skip Savasana at the end of yoga practice.
* Exercise few times a week or go for a walk
* Treat yourself to healthy snacks & fancy green cocktails (I know they cost more than can of coke, but you are worth it!)
* Spend time in nature
* Surround yourself with good - good people, interesting TV programs, locally produced food 
* Accept that sometimes you feel tired, angry and want to be left alone and its totally fine to feel this way. 
* Learn to protect your personal space, especially if you are an emphatic person - people love to overuse your goodness & poison your mind with their problems. 
* Don't become extremist and beat yourself over unimportant things - we all sometimes watch crap TV, eat McDonald's for lunch when we are in a hurry and not all of our vegetables are organic. Just try to make better choices when you can and allow yourself not to be perfect. 
* Simply be good to yourself & talk to yourself like you would talk to your best friend.
* Stay magickal & in tune with yourself & the universe 

Lots of love
Adriana x

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