The End of 2018 Full Moon "Release & Let go" ritual




Happy last Full Moon of 2019! As the wheel turns again, we are finding ourselves at the beginning of the new season - winter. Last night was the longest night of the year and from now on days slowly will be getting longer and we will enjoy more daylight time.

Full Moon is a time when our energy is at its peak, therefore we might feel energised, but also slightly off the balance, getting upset easily and feel super emotional for no reason. It's totally normal, as many of us allow our inner Wild Woman to come to the fore. 

How to harness this energy for our benefit? Three words: grounding, meditation and releasing.

1) During Full Moon emotions run high. If it happens that you are rather a fierce, charismatic person - it is almost an explosive mixture. Grounding is one of the best ways to bring ourselves back to our senses and find balance again. 

Perform Grounding before meditation. Sit down with your legs crossed, straight spine, eyes closed. Imagine that you are sitting somewhere in the forest or on the beach. Your body is a part of the natural ecosystem surrounding you. With each breath out imagine that you are rooting down to the earth and realise all your stresses, bad emotions and worries down to the dark womb of the Mother Earth. As you breathe in, visualise the energy of the air and sun filling you with calmness and peace. Try to feel it in your whole body, reminding yourself that you are in control of your emotions and life.

2) Meditation is almost like a "reset" for our brains. Can you imagine the amount of information it is processing per hour, a minute or even second...? Finding time for meditation will help you see everything in a new light and find perspective. It will become easier for you to decide what is important/right and what are the things that you can let go of. 

There are many ways to meditate. My favorite is to sit in total silence or staring at the flame of the Full Moon candle. You can also find many free guided meditations on Youtube.

3) Releasing and letting go Full Moon ritual is like a shower for our souls. Once you feel grounded, calm and you have refreshed your mind through meditation take time to evaluate last year. 

- What were your achievements? What didn't work out? There is no space for negative self-talk and blame - simply admit things as they are/were

- Can you see any negative patterns and triggers (places, people)? End of the year is a great time to commit to changing destructive patterns and removing bad influences  

- What are the things, people, behaviors you no longer want to hold space for in your life? Don't be scared - name those things or people. Letting go is not always easy, but remember that you are doing it for your own greater good. It's not selfish, it's honouring your own feelings.

Things won't change overnight. Take your time, understand that there will be mistakes on your way and perform the "Let go" ritual each month during Full Moon to see your journey, sum up your progress and eventually adjust things that won't be working on your way to the happiest, true self.

Extra tips: during Full Moon work with chamomile and sage (you can find it in our bath bomb and candles). These herbs are well known for their cleansing and calming effects. 

Love & sparkles


Adriana x

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