Easy, guilt-free & low sugar chia jam - the recipe

Easy, healthy, low sugar chia jam the recipe

There’s so much hype around chia seeds at the moment. I’m always trying to stay realistic about all of those popular ”superfoods” and try to investigate if the health benefits are truly worth the (usually overly expensive) price. 
I was pleasantly surprised when I found out that chia seeds definitely live up to expectations. The price per 100 grams will vary - depending on where you buy it, the quantity, quality, if it’s organic etc, but in general chia seeds are affordable and you can easily buy them online or in your local supermarket.
About a year ago I made my first ever chia jam and since then I can’t imagine having a bowl of warm Weetabix or porridge in the morning without this amazing, healthy, low sugar jam as a topping (plus a few slices of banana and a spoon of honey :) 
Even my son (who usually stays away from any “healthy” sweets or snacks) loves it and likes to have it spread on the toast in the morning.
Chia jam is cheap to make, you can use any berries you want, it will stay in your fridge over a week and it’s a great alternative to traditional jams high in sugars.
What you need:

  • 500 grams of berries of your choice 
  • 1 rounded tsp of chia seeds 
  • 1 or 2 tbsp of sweetener of your choice (I use honey) 
  • An optional squeeze of lemon

Yep... that’s all!

Easy, healthy chia jam the recipe
Cut the bigger fruits (eg. if you using large strawberries) into smaller chunks and transfer to pan. Fruits like blueberries or raspberries can be put into the pan without any preparation. Add a minimal amount of water at the bottom of the pan to stop fruits from frying and simply boil them as long as they need until they will fall apart into smaller chunks or dissolve completely into tick fluid. Boiling time will be 15-20 minutes (longer if you added more water or your fruits are not very ripe). 
Tip: You can speed up the process and mash the fruits with a fork during cooking
Once you are happy with the consistency of your jam (I personally like to cook it a bit faster and leave some bigger pieces of fruits in the jam), add the chia seeds and give it a good stir. 
Taste your jam and decide if you are going to add any sweetener or lemon juice. I personally don’t like my jam to be too sweet, so I usually add just a spoonful of honey per 500 grams of fruits, and if the taste is a bit bland squeeze about a quarter of a lemon.
Cook it few more minutes, turn the heat off and let it cool down. 
Once the jam will start cooling down, you will be able to judge if you are happy with the consistency of the jam. You can always add a little bit more water or chia seeds to adjust it.
Once cold, transfer the jam to a jar/airtight container and it can stay in the fridge up to 1 - 1,5 week.
This recipe is a simple and healthy alternative to shop jams and honestly, it tastes even better than the bought ones. Have your kids help you with preparing/cooking process - this will encourage them to try it and possibly swap usual sweet bread spreads for this yummy yet healthy alternative.

Easy, healthy, low sugar chia seeds jam the recipe

Let me know in the comments if you ever had chia jam before and share any photos of social media by tagging @yogarituals.co.uk

Sending hugs

Adriana xx

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