Deal with the 10 most notorious energy thieves - according to Dalai Lama

Everything is energy and it's not just some hippie tittle-tattle. Science had long ago proven that our world and everything that exist in our reality is made out of energy.

We all care about our minds and bodies. We should put exactly the same attention into caring about the energy we are made of & the energy that surround us. It's not a single or once-a-month act that keeps our energy levels high and allows us to live our life to the fullest. The truth is that it's our everyday choices and efforts that determine the quality and amount of our energy.

Dalai Lama, one of the most famous spiritual leaders on Earth shared with us what are 10 the biggest energy thieves in our life. That list is a real eye-opener and I honestly think that each of us should read it at least once a year & analyse our life according to those points.

So what are the biggest energy thieves?

1. People who complain all the time. Spending time with this kind of person is mentally and physically (!) draining. After a session of negativity and bad vibes, all we want to do is to go down the rabbit hole ourselves.

2. Pay your bills. Balancing your financial life isn't easy, but put bills and household spendings before nights out and new clothes. You might go twice in the same dress, but you won't lose any sleep worrying about unpaid bills.

3. Keep your promises... or don't make any. We are often put under pressure to attend a social event or do extra work for our boss. Learn to say "no" or "I'll think about it" rather than agreeing to everything and then regretting it later or breaking your promise.

4. Try to eliminate unpleasant tasks from your life and focus on what you love. This doesn't mean that it's OK to avoid house chores and skip work to instead spend your day playing on PlayStation, but if you can delegate or share tasks with eg. your boyfriend or work mate, then do it! Don't feel like it's your responsibility to clean kitchen, because you are a woman, or clean the garage because you are a man. Do it together faster and spend free time on your hobby, walks or cinema.

5. Give yourself permission to rest when you need to and permission to act when the time is right.

6. De-clutter your surroundings. Nothing drains more energy than a house full of unwanted, unused items in every corner and on every shelf. Throw away broken items, give to charity what you no longer need, do some dusting, open windows, buy fresh flowers... you will quickly see what difference it makes to spend time in a clean and airy room.

7. Put your health (including mental health) first. Eat healthily, do yoga, go for a walk, but also see your doctor for regular check-ups. 

8. Face toxic situations in your life and deal with them once and for all. From your overly dramatic best friend (who seems to complain all the time) to your flatmate who annoyingly leaves the sink full of dirty dishes... it's time to say "stop", especially if those situations are regular occurrences. You have better things to focus your energy on than getting upset over someone's toxic behaviour.

9. Accept. Simply accept things that you cannot change, don't go over and over them in your head, wishing that things were different. It won't change anything, but it will drain you of energy and joy. 

10. Forgive. It's not easy to forgive people who really hurt us, but agonising over it times and times again won't change the situation. Try to let go and move on with your life. Healing from trauma caused by other people is not always a quick process but it's the best you can do for yourself, so start today!

For me, more than a few points really hit home. I way to often let toxic people enter my life and struggle to say "no", since I believe I will be able to help them to deal with their problems, especially regarding yoga and mindfulness. I also sometimes choose not to deal with toxic situations and say "no" as I worry I might hurt someone's feelings...

What about you? What are your thoughts on these 10 points from Dalai Lama? 


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