10 things to do in January (to start 2019 right!)


Hi friends!

Welcome in 2019! What's the big deal with starting the New Year? There's not much difference between switching from March to April or December to January. It's just another month, right? 

The main difference is in ourselves. Many of us treat January the 1st as a new beginning, a chance to better yourself, start fresh, draw a big, thick line under the last year. 

Those who follow lunar cycles do a little bit of this every month during New & Full Moon ceremonies, but December/January is a time to make an overview of the past year and reflect. 

You can read about creating The End of the year Full Moon "Release & Let go"ritual here. You can perform this home ritual any time, don't worry if you are reading this later in the year, December 31st is not a deadline. You can do it at any Full Moon through the year - wherever it's needed.

So what are things you should do in 2019 to start this year right (and continue on the right path)? Below I put together 10 things which are necessary in my opinion - I'd love to hear what else you would add to this list?

1) Make peace with the past. You don't want to start 2019 upset and bitter. Let go of anger and forgive anybody who hurt you. Remember: people who are hurt, hurt people. Their behavior towards you is a reflection of what's going on inside them and usually, it has nothing to do with you.

2) Give thanks for the past year. Make a list of good things that happened to you and the lessons you have received. Don't dive into self-judgment, even if things didn't work out the way you planned. Treat it as a lesson and remember that feeling of regret, anger or disappointment won't change the past, they will only poison your mind and make you feel like you are not good enough. Move on, set new goals and (super important!) remember, that there WILL be plenty of bumps on your way - just keep moving forward.

3) Clean - your home, your computer, your make up bag. Don't stack materialistic things in every corner and on every shelf. Make your home spacious and airy. Be realistic about clothes that hang in your wardrobe or kitchen equipment in unused cupboards. There is a good rule of 1 year - if you haven't used it for the whole year (including any special occasion, Christmas, birthdays etc) what is the chance you will ever use it again? Donate it to charity or help the environment and recycle it. 

4) The next step after cleaning is to organise yourself better. You don't have to necessarily start running an hourly planner, but consider what are the biggest time wasters in your life? Let me guess - tv or social media? Make a change with small steps and try to read more, do yoga or go for a walk once a day for literally half an hour - use that time you would usually spend with the phone or remote control in your hand

5) Another super important place to clean is your social media. When did you last time looked through people you follow on Instagram and pages you like on Facebook? How many of those likes were given several years ago and you are no longer interested in it? Remove anything and anyone that doesn't inspire you, share interesting content or at least make you laugh (we all need a good laugh in our lives). The bonus of cutting on the number of accounts you are following is that there will be less news in your feed, so you will spend less time mindlessly scrolling through content that is not interesting to you.

6) Set up a self-care ritual and commit to performing it regularly. Every Full Moon, New Moon, Sunday or whenever your baby will have an early night - match the time to your lifestyle. You can create a DIY: Self-care kit which will hold all of the things needed to perform the ritual and make organizing it easier (super useful if you are struggling with time)

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Not every self-care ritual must be the same. One day your body might need sweaty power yoga practice, other days it will be quiet meditation or a long bath. Ps. have a look at our Home Spa range and yoga & meditation "New Beginnings" candle that will help you to create a perfect environment for cleansing, relaxing and setting intentions. 


7) Find your inner Wild Woman and commit to cutting or at least limit contact with people who are bringing bad vibes into your life. Don't let other people's problems drain you, especially if they seem to be the ones who keep creating drama and problems in their own lives. Helping is a beautiful thing, but you need to set limits and protect your aura.

8) Ask yourself what is the biggest thing that stops you from living the life you want. Is it an unhappy relationship, the job you hate, lack motivation? If you are unable to take drastic action (like telling your boss that you are leaving with immediate effect :) then make this year a year of change. Spend your free time learning new skills, sign up to that yoga teacher training you dream about or open an etsy shop.

9) Create a manifestation board. The easiest way is to do this is to create a board on Pinterest (you can set it up to be secret, so no one else can see it). If you feel crafty why don't you do a college or a poster? You can also hang a pin board on the wall and keep adding photos of places you want to visit or recipes that will help you stay healthy, fit and inspired.

10) Write down your New Years resolutions, plans, and dreams and keep it for the full year - there's something magickal about handwriting your thoughts on a piece of paper. It's like committing to yourself in writing that you are going to pursue your goals until fulfilled.

These 10 points are something I have done myself and it worked out well! I found myself calmer, happier and more focused on my goals. I hope this list will help you too! Let me know what else would you add to it? 

Take care of yourself!

Adriana x

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